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From Xunlei to Xunlei: Chen Lei's three ups and downs

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核心提示,This is a situation that no one has thought of. Chen Xunlei was charged with corruption six years ago. On Oct

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From an outsider to a leader

Founded by Zou Shenglong in 2003, Xunlei is the common memory of a generation of Internet users. Its software installed capacity was once second only to Tencent's launch in QQ,2007 year. The two software from download to play together to solve the user's pain point at that time.

Since $200 million in the e-round financing comes from Xiaomi, Xiaomi's shareholding ratio is as high as 28.3% after Xunlei's listing, which will increase to 41.8% if Jinshan software is included. For the company's founding team, this means that their identity is quietly changing from founder to professional manager, but falling into the joy of listing At that time, they did not expect what would happen in the future.

In addition to funds, Lei Jun also brought a new person to Xunlei, who was Chen Lei, former general manager of Tencent cloud computing. In November 2014, Chen Lei joined Xunlei as which is also the first CTO. in the true sense of Xunlei

In an interview this year, Chen Lei said he did not initially care about cloud computing, but Lei Jun had a word that touched him: do you want to be a company that has the final say?

In 2017, after being CTO and CEO, Chen Lei became a thunder CEO, and realized the desire to say "has the final say". But this time, it is more like a victory for the old team in the battle of millet, rather than a peaceful evolution.

After the listing of Xunlei in 2014, the company's development was not smooth. In the long run, the first decade of downloading tools in China's Internet was tuyere. With the progress of Internet infrastructure, in the second decade, Xunlei's biggest rival, the QQ whirlwind incubated in Tencent, was not so much defeated by xunlei as it was actively retreated by the other side It is intended to continue to compete in this "chicken ribs" market.

At that time, Thunder's revenue mainly came from advertising revenue and member income (cloud on demand, etc.), the former was a common traffic realization model for early Internet enterprises, but it also significantly reduced the user experience. And as Internet users reduce the stickiness to download tools (after all, the speed of the network has improved), revenue will also decrease.

Lei Jun, who calls out the idea of "wind outlet", naturally knows this truth. What he sees in Chen Lei is his potential in cloud computing business, rather than trying to make him a general CTO for Xunlei's old business.

At that time, Zou Shenglong and other old team members also made a lot of efforts to develop new business, such as games, live broadcast, etc., but they basically failed. In 2014, the video industry began a mixed battle of variety shows. Xunlei, who was short of funds, failed early and sold it at a price of 130 million yuan in April 2015. On the contrary, it was Chen Lei's cloud computing and blockchain business, which brought income growth 。

In June 2015, Chen Lei released the network service product "star domain CDN". Lei Jun personally served as its platform and called it Uber in the CDN field. He also said that the real reason for investing in Xunlei was that he was optimistic about "star domain CDN": "after the news of our investment in xunlei came out, we thought that we were investing in downloading, investing in the membership business of Xunlei, and we were investing in Xunlei. Of course, these businesses were also doing very well What we're really looking forward to is today's star field.


From left to right: Zou Shenglong, Lei Jun, Chen Lei

Since then, the stock price has been on the market. In the six years of Xunlei's listing, such ups and downs have occurred three times, each of which is closely related to Chen Lei, and the market value of Xunlei is also in general with Chen Lei's personal experience. Several ups and downs finally hit the bottom.

July 2017, Chen Lei became Thunder CEO, he later commented, should not be this CEO, this is a feud with the old team. At that time, Storm Player listed on the gem, the stock price rose, Zou Shenglong hopes for a management acquisition of Thunder, the idea and major shareholder Xiaomi, the idea of a disagreement, eventually unable to reconcile, Chen Lei in this context became a new CEO.

Not long after, in October, Xunlei broke out into internal strife between the old and new factions.

In 2015, Yu Fei, the former legal officer of Xunlei (also the old man of Xunlei), established Xunlei big data to develop financial business with the support of Zou Shenglong. The core business of this company is P2P, which represents the interests of the founding team. Xunlei accounts for 28% of the shares and uses the brand and flow of Xunlei. At that time, the risk of P2P thunderstorm had gradually emerged. Chen Lei was dissatisfied with this, and poked the problem to the board of directors, and had a fierce conflict with Yu Fei and others.